Production Stills

Scene 15, Take C (take B was better)

Michael Ralph, Bryan, Sally and Carlos Renteria

Justin, Sally, Peter, Bryan, Stephanie and Matt

PA Emily Lerer with 1st AD/Producer Stephanie Little

Camera Operator, Eddie Pence, ready for action.

First Assistant White Board Measurer, Peter Spruyt

First AD, Stephanie Little informs Director, Bryan Erwin that we are 17 minutes behind schedule.

Dueling Monitors.

Matt Corboy, laying low in the alley.

Sound Man Extraordinaire, Jose Gallo on the boom.

Delia Rawdon and John O'Brien exchange texts, oblivious to the fact that they are standing next to each other.

Two old men and their toys. Sally looks on.

A Fritatta is about to get its 15 minutes of fame...

Background Actors hang out in the theater between shots.

Prepping to shoot scene 7C.

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Sound Man Extraordinaire, Jose Gallo on the boom.